Wednesday, September 3, 2008

San Diego!

Hi guys! We're back from our whirlwind three day weekend in San Diego. San Diego is SUCH a great city for toddlers...I never realized that when I lived there. We had so so so so much fun! We tried to fit a lot of short, exciting activities into our short 3 day stay. Olivia had a blast. However, I AM ready for a real vacation (one that involves sleeping in.) Here are a few highlights!

The view from our room. Olivia LOVED looking at all of the boats. She hung out by the window whenever we were in our room.

A petting zoo at our hotel! She got to pet chickens, baby bunnies, goats and pigs. Oh and she went on her first pony ride.

Seaport Village where she went on her 1st carousel ride. She liked it at first, but it started going real fast and she got scared!

We let her run around at The Del...until she had a meltdown...couldn't eat dinner so....

...we got room service...corn on the cob and pizza...she really had it rough!

She went swimming with Papa and he bought her some grape shaved ice. She would not get up until she ate every last bit.

We found a little train in Balboa Park. She wanted to go on it twice!

The beautiful view from Coronado!

Here we are at Il Fornaio in Coronado...the restaurant where Dennis proposed. :)

Breakfast at Cafe 222. Oh she learned how to say "CHEESE" on this trip which is why she has a crazy smile in most of the pictures.

BYE BYE San Diego!


Vanessa said...

you fit so much into that one vacation it seems like livi had the time of her life!! In my 26 years I've never ordered room service!! what the heck she's savy!

taryn said...

cute pictures!!! it looks like you guys had a really good time and she visited all kinds of cool spots! someday she is going to look back on these pictures fondly!

a song for parker said...

wow looks like you guys had a blast! I'm glad you posted some pictures. That little petting zoo looks really fun!