Sunday, September 28, 2008

Cousin Chris

So we FINALLY got to meet my cousin Brandy's baby, Christopher, last weekend. He's 6 months old already! And what a doll he is! He seriously has the most GIGANTIC eyes and smile I have ever seen on a little baby. He's always so happy and is very calm and just hangs out (unlike a little 20 month old I know and love.) And his smell??? INTOXICATING. I forgot all about that baby smell and now I'm hooked. Here are a couple of cute moments I caught on camera.

Nice to meet you, Baby!

See! Look at his gorgeous eyes...and those precious teeth!

Bath time. So cute.

He's happy just kicking his little legs...looks like there's a copycat there too!

I wish we didn't live so far away. I miss that little guy.

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Brandy said...

They are so precious! Thanks for the pictures! I wish we lived closer to one another, so we could have cousin play dates! Miss you guys! Give Olivia a hug and kiss from me and 'baby'