Sunday, September 7, 2008

Faye's Shower

I just realized that I had cute pictures of Faye's shower that I have yet to put up! (I know I sometimes lag in the picture department.) Faye's shower was so fun. I know the kids really enjoyed it in that cool playroom!

How cute are these pregnant ladies??????

Serious coloring going on here.

That poor dog! At one point, all of the kids were just pounding on that glass door screaming "doggy!!!". I wish I would have caught in on video.

This is cute. Shaun is not above trying to fit into a baby slide and Ella loves it!

Parkie riding a pony!

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taryn said...

That was crazy when those kids were banging on the window!!! Mine was one of them of course, probably the leader of the pack! That was such a fun shower, I love it when we all get together!