Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh do I love thee?

Oh me...oh my! Only 5 days left until we get to see our beloved. I am so excited! Twilight has done an amazing job of making me feel young again. I mean I might compare how I feel about Edward to how I used to feel about Jonathan Brandis...hahahaha. This is WILD!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

...clingy little Livi...

Olivia is growing up so fast. The older she gets the more opinionated she is. She cracks me up on a daily basis with the things she says and does. However, the smarter she gets the better she gets at driving me absolutely insane at times! She is still in her never-ending "mommy phase"...some of you moms might know this phase...the one where they want YOU and only YOU to do everything for them. Of course, I don't give in to this most of the time. But there are instances where I'm so extremely exhausted and it's supposed to be daddy's bath night but I give in and give her the bath just so I don't have to hear her cry about it.

We just got back from a BBQ...she didn't know any of the people there so of course she wouldn't let me out of her sight for two seconds. Every 30 seconds or so she'd find me and say "Mommy" but not in a cute voice, in an extremely whiny voice to make sure I wouldn't leave her side. Times like these I just want to scream! I end up taking it out on poor Dennis when it's not even his fault. He WANTS Olivia to want him to do things with her. He probably gets his feelings hurt every day. But somehow I still feel resentment towards him since he just gets to sit back and relax while I deal with our whiny and clingy daughter.

Sorry for the rant. It feels better now that it's out.

I keep waiting for the "daddy phase" to come. People tell me it's coming...but not soon enough!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

DJ Lance, Foofa, and friends!

Olivia got really into Halloween this year. My mom made her a Halloween blankie that she slept with every night, she loved going into stores and seeing all of the scary decorations (especially skeletons for some reason), she yelled "HALLOWEEN!" every time we drove up to my parents because they had this witch flag outside of their house... I guess this year was just extra exciting because she started understanding what Halloween actually is all about...CANDY OF COURSE! She went trick-or-treating for the 1st time and loved it (and we had fun too.)

She dressed up as Foofa from Yo Gabba Gabba! That is her favorite show at the moment. It has been for quite some time. I actually really like the show so I thought I'd take advantage of the fact that she likes it so much before she moves on to something else. My mom and I made her costume. We finished it the morning of Halloween just in time to go visit Papa at work!

We also visited Matt Bandy at work which was really funny because I don't know if she recognized him at all. Usually she says, "Hi Matt!" (She loves him.) But he was the corpse of Walt Disney, hence the blue face paint, and she just stared at him.

Dennis was DJ Lance Rock and Olivia thought it was just the greatest thing to see him dressed up! She wanted to be with him all night. It was the cutest thing! Dennis was reluctant to wear the costume at first but I think once he saw how excited Olivia was he started getting into it!

Ok, how cute are these kids?! Claire was a pretty little bee, Ella was a princess ballerina mouse, and Parker was a precious little golfer!

We went trick-or-treating around Taryn's neighborhood. Some of the houses we went to were decorated really cool! Some people went ALL out with movies projected on their windows, fog machines and gigantic pumpkins!

As the night wore on, Olivia was getting tired so we ended up taking turns carrying her. She made you sweat. She really liked Shaun. She says his name now which he might think is pretty cool!

I got to see Faye for the first time! She didn't miss out on any of the festivities! So cute.

Trick-or-treating with friends was a blast. I am so glad we did it. Next year will be even more fun with even more kids!

This was Olivia on our way home - cracked out on candy! Look at those crazy eyes! hahahaha.

(I apologize for so many pictures but I just couldn't help myself!)