Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Mario Goulart Vieira

In Loving Memory of Mario Goulart Vieira

June 26, 1936 - September 14, 2008

My Grandpa Vieira, one of the cutest, funniest, and strongest men I've ever known, passed away in his sleep this past Sunday. I can't talk about it much right now, but I'd like to thank my amazing friends who have kept my family in their thoughts and prayers this past week. We will be heading to San Jose tomorrow for the rosary and funeral. Please continue to keep us in your thoughts as this will be a very trying time for our family. We love you all.

- The McDonald Family


Erin said...

You guys are in our thoughts Michelle! It's hard, I know. It's cool that your family is so close though and you all have eachother. We love you guys.

Vanessa said...

I'm very sorry to hear about your famlies loss. My thoughts are definately with you and your family at this time. I feel like it is such a blessing that he was able to go to your wedding and meet Olivia. Although I know it's tough right now to think of the blessings. Let me know if you need someone to talk to.

a song for parker said...

You are very loved and are in so many peoples thaughts a prayers. I'm glad that your grandpa lived a very long life with lots of love from his crazy/amazing family!