Saturday, July 2, 2011

wednesday dinner: sloppy joes

I didn't take any pictures of this past Wednesday family dinner - dang it!  My poor dad was sick so my mom stopped by to help me make her delicious coleslaw and didn't stay for dinner.  My sister stayed though so it was still a nice time had by all.  I made sloppy joes and I got the recipe on  I looked for the most simple recipe I could find so I wouldn't have to buy many more ingredients.  I've made this recipe twice, a ground beef version and a meatless version, and it's delicious.

Cafeteria Sloppy Joes  
For the meatless version, I used this. 
And if anyone is interested in knowing my mom's scrumptious and easy coleslaw recipe, here goes:  thinly slice a head of cabbage (of your choosing but I especially love napa cabbage,) add that to a bag of ready-made coleslaw mix,  make a dressing using vegenaise (or mayo) and lime juice not sure on the measurements but you want the dressing to be a thin consistency and not too thick, add about a cup of thinly sliced green onion and a handful of chopped cilantro, toss it all together, finish off with salt and pepper and voila!  A delicious and simple coleslaw that goes perfectly with sloppy joes.  It even tastes good the next day!