Sunday, March 15, 2009

no nap day

Today was one of those crazy days, the kind of day where I just go with the flow and try not get too stressed about anything. Yesterday, nap time was a nightmare so much so that I decided to give up on a "real" nap today and just let her pass out while watching a movie on the couch. Unfortunately, this couch napping habit originated at Ama's house and since she takes naps there during most of the week I don't know if I can break it for only the weekends. Can't really say I blame my mom. Ever since Olivia started climbing out of the pack-n-play, nap time has been real topsy-turvy.

So today, we were going to visit with Aunt Wee and on the way there she fell asleep. Of course. I pick up my sister, we drive by a rental I wanted to look at and Olivia woke up. She slept for maybe 20 minutes. That is the only nap she took today.

Well, to make a long story short, right now I officially feel like a bad mom. Since she never did fall asleep on the damn couch, she never took a nap and a few minutes ago she literally started to go crazy. Like I think for a minute there she didn't know where she was. I just left my parents' house. Olivia fell asleep in the car. I transferred her to her bed. She mumbled, "sock monkey book" and before I even had time to reach for it she was PASSED OUT.

Poor thing is sleeping in her jeans.

I guess I need to work on nap time a bit more.

The highlight of today: making cookies (and eating cookie dough of course!)


taryn said...

it sounds like you guys had a fun day!!! don't feel like a bad mom, every once in awhile ella will go a day without napping. i think it sucks more for us then for them!!!!

Erin said...

Well at least you've got a pretty normal night time sleeping schedule for Olivia. Claire is still going to bed between 10:30 and 11:00. Crazy, I know. And she usually goes without a nap at least once a week. Which I agree with Taryn... It totally sucks for us but they just get delirious... and I'm sure they don't really care. I love that we are all going through the same things at the same time. It makes life easier knowing I am not alone!