Sunday, March 22, 2009

dinner nightmare!

Dennis' parents are in town from Idaho. It's a pretty big deal since they have only seen Olivia a couple of times since she was born. I wanted them to be able to get to know her a little better and enjoy being with her before they have to go back and spend months away from her again. This week has been crazy with Dennis still at the outage and Buffy working at Bill's Place on St. Patty's Day. They FINALLY were able to hang out with Olivia while I was at work on Wednesday. They watched her while Dennis got some sleep. Supposedly, Olivia was a perfect little angel! She had soooo much fun. She gave them both kisses and hugs and Buffy even put her down for a nap....IN HER BED!!!

So last night was their next chance to see Olivia. Keep in mind that at this point they still think she's a perfect little angel. We got to Steamers...Olivia was already antsy. We had to wait for a while to be seated and by the time we finally got to our table she already did not want to sit down. So out come the distractions...coloring book, crayons, toys, even candy. She finally calmed down when she got a cool big kid cup like Jaden's with some orange juice. We order our food, she wanted chicken of course. And not even a minute later she was trying to get out of her chair. Dennis took her on a little walk and she came back happy with an easter egg Dennis had stolen from their Easter display.

The egg was a mistake. She had a pink one but wanted an orange one, then a blue one, then a green one!!! She could not rest knowing there was a bowl of easter eggs by the door. She wanted ALL of them. I tried to explain to her that those were not for us, they were for other little kids too. She could only have ONE. She freaked. Layed down on the floor face first and everything. So I take her outside for a "time out" on the bench outside. She is SCREAMING. People walking into the restaurant either tried to ignore it or they looked really annoyed. How pleasant. Then of course someone I know walks by! AWKWARD. She took one look at the situation, asked how I was, I said, "Um...ok. We're just having a tantrum out here." She was on a date too...the guy looked uncomfortable. They walked inside and right back out (I guess the wait was too long) and she just said, "Good luck with that."

Olivia was crying so hard at this point for those damn easter eggs that she couldn't even breathe. Dennis came out with another egg! I thought, COOL this is good. Maybe she'll calm down so we can sit back down. NOPE. She wanted EVERY COLOR of those eggs, not just 2!

We left the restaurant before our food came. Embarassing. The drive home consisted of Olivia screaming, "I wanna sit down! In a chair!" Yeah right, I've heard that one before!

Needless to say, Dennis' parents don't think she's a perfect little angel anymore. Now they just think she's a normal two-year old. Which is good. Because the pressure of having a "perfect" two year old was way too much for me to handle.


Erin said...

Oh Michelle! I can't even tell you about all of the times this has happened to me. It's the worst! You are not alone!!! We've got some wild little ladies on our hands!

taryn said...

I haven't had to leave a restaurant... yet but I HAVE had to leave Walmart with a full cart of stuff and carry Ella out kicking and screaming bloody murder the whole time, I have also had to call Shaun and my mother in law to come and rescue me from Kmart when Ella refused to leave the Disney Christmas display area, she was trying to hit her head on the floor because she was so mad!!!!!!!