Saturday, March 7, 2009

hey Dora, can I ask you some questions?

1. Why does your shirt NEVER cover your belly?

2. Why do you wear ruffled socks folded up instead of down?

3. Why do you feel the need to YELL constantly for no reason at all?!?!

Anyone else curious about these things?


Danielle said...

hahahah well i wasnt before BUT NOW I AM!her midriff is wild!

Anni said...


wiss said...

I was just laughing out loud and then directly starting having a coughing fit and couldn't breath for about 15 seconds. Way to go! Exploradora.

anapaulaoli said...

yes! and why oh why do my girls (5 & 2) LOVE to pretend they're Dora? "We did it!" :p

-thank you for the nice comment in my blog, it means a lot :)