Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Owen Patrick

Owen Patrick Rittenhouse is finally here! He graced us all with his presence on October 1, 2008. One look at Taryn and I could tell she is already in love. But how could you not love someone so small, helpless and precious? Seriously though...that hospital brought back so many memories. Just a couple of doors down from the room Owen was born was where I waited for my Livi to come out just a short 20 months ago. It's funny how even after you have a child of your own, an infant brings back all of those old fears/concerns that you had before. Owen is just so tiny and it brought back memories of the first days in the hospital after I had Olivia when I was afraid to even hold her or change her clothes. Those fears don't go away! I was afraid to even lift the little guy out of his bed! Once I got my hands on him though, I didn't want to give him up. Infants are can literally just stare at them all day and just watch how their miniature expressions change while they sleep.

I am SO SO SO happy for Taryn, Shaun and Ella.

What a little glow worm...all bundled up in that green blankie. So cute.

This bottom picture is you see the resemblance? It's crazy! I swear they could be twins!

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Vanessa said...

Yeah I was thinking that they look a lot alike also! Gosh he is just such a little sweety I can't wait to meet him!!