Friday, October 24, 2008

Olivia's Friends

Olivia is so funny these days. As the days go on she is forming more and more attachments to "babies" or pretty much any doll or stuffed animal she can get her hands on. Recently she has been obsessed with the following: tiny Elmo (in her hand), soft Elmo, Brobee, about 5 baby dolls (some aren't pictured), Rose, and Mickey and Minnie (also not pictured.) She tries to take them ALL everywhere with her. Of course she cannot possibly hold them all so she ends up dropping one or two and then proceeds to not know what to do because she cannot leave any behind. It's the cutest thing!

She dances with them and sleeps with them. She actually sleeps with an elephant and a couple of bunnies too. They are only for sleeping though. And when she wakes up and it's time to go to Ama's she insists on taking all of them. I have to pack them all up every morning and then bring them all home with us in the afternoon. Heaven forbid I forget one of them!

I can't believe how many ideas have been forming in her little brain lately. I love watching her pretend. This is probably my favorite age as far as playing is far anyway. Today she grabbed my sister's cell phone and opened it and said, "Hello Taryn? What you doing?" Hilarious!


taryn said...
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taryn said...

she is amazing! i love all her babies and that you have to take them to your moms every day! she will make a very good big sister i can tell!!! i can promise you that she will only get funnier/ funner as she gets older. today ella and i were driving and she goes "mommy are you singing?" and i said "ya" and she said "i not know this song, lets do twinkle twinkle star"! it was wild!

Krista Bandy said...

My phone call was amazing, even though I could only understand half of it! I swear she was saying hi to gibby more times than hi to me! I can't believe how much she talks!!!