Monday, February 23, 2009

internal affairs: RIP

This past weekend we went down to Anaheim for Internal Affairs' last show. Dennis was exhausted from working all night but slept a couple of hours in the car before I dropped him and Matt Bandy off at his practice on Saturday afternoon. I killed time at Target and came back to pick them up. I have to admit, watching all of the guys come out of their last practice made me really sad! I think it hit me all at once that this is the last time Dennis will play music with these guys (most of whom I've known ever since we moved from San Diego.) Admittedly, I am not Internal Affairs' biggest fan. I've been known to bitch and complain every time Dennis had to practice or play a show. The music, let's just say I couldn't relate to it much...they were a straight-edge hardcore band (no further explanation needed.) But Dennis loved everything about being in this band. He loved writing songs, practicing, recording, playing shows (big or small,) and he especially loved touring. And he got to go to some pretty amazing places...places like Australia, Guatemala, Canada, and the East Coast a whole bunch of times. (His band went to Japan & Europe without him...he was bummed.)

The show was at Chain Reaction in Anaheim. It was sold out. There were a TON of people there. I saw a few people I haven't seen since before we moved back when I was pregnant. That was cool. IA played last. When they were setting up I thought it would be a good time to try to find a spot inside where I wouldn't get killed. Dennis was so sweet. I could see him up on stage acting all frantic and asking people if they've seen his wife (it still kills me when he calls me that.) His friend Tru spotted me and Dennis told me to stand up on stage off to the side so I could see. I always felt weird doing this, but literally if I didn't stand on the stage I wouldn't be able to see anything at all. They started playing and crazy me started getting all emotional again. Dennis kept looking over to me and smiling while he was playing. He looked so damn happy. He even took the mic and did a "shout out" (haha I am such a nerd) mentioning how happy he was to have his family's support and how he appreciated me for putting up with a lot through the years... :( (If only those people knew how truly evil I was at times and how resentful I was that he was still even in the band.)

But people grow up and move on. I think IA had a good run. Dennis said they finished on a high note. I guess it's just sad that something he loved so much is ending.


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Erin said...

Oh Michelle I can relate on so many levels. It is sad to see them let go of something like that. Gosh, when Lane was in a band I was usually so crazy he was probably just glad to get out because then he wouldn't have to listen to me anymore. But Lane and Dennis both did music for years and years and years and at some point they have to let go. They'll probably get to do something with it later in life just for fun I'm sure. But I remember when Lane was done with music, I was soo sad for him and proud of him but I was so relieved that it was over. Is that jacked up? Oh well.