Friday, January 9, 2009

Our water got turned off...

...yes, I guess you could say we've hit a new low. I completely forgot to pay our water bill. I got a notice a couple of weeks ago that had a shut off date on it and I just left it in my car and totally forgot about it! So...yesterday we come home and our water is turned off. I called them at 4:15 p.m. and they told me they don't take payments by phone, I have to drop off a check only I am too late because they close at 4:30 p.m. I was pissed. The lady told me to drop a check in the drop box and they'd turn it back on first thing tomorrow. So Olivia skipped her bath, we brushed our teeth with Brita water from the fridge, couldn't flush the toilet...I'll spare you the rest of the details.

I look for my checkbook so I can write out a freaking check in the morning and guess what?? I'm completely out of checks. I have to go to work so I call my mom, she comes over to pick up Olivia and gave me a check to use. (Thank God for my mom.) I dropped the check in the drop box and went to work. About an hour later I call the water company and I just got a message.

I had a crazy day at work today. I didn't get a chance to call the water company again but I just assumed they had turned our water back on since the lady said they would! We get home at 7:00 p.m. and I say to Dennis, "Please tell me the water is back on." He turns on the faucet and it just drips. They didn't turn the water back on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

There is only one stupid number to call for the piece of crap Nipomo Community Services District...I get the 24 hour "Emergency Answering Service." The guy told me that having your water turned off isn't an emergency so they couldn't help me until Monday! I hung up and completely freaked out. I called back CRYING asking how they could do this to a family with a two year old daughter, how can they expect us not to have water for an entire weekend, we can't even flush our toilet! The lady said she "understands I'm frustrated but she can't help me."

I walk downstairs completely defeated. I officially feel like the most white trash person on earth. I mean who gets their water turned off these days??? I asked Dennis if he could look outside and try to turn it on himself. He looked at me and rolled his eyes as if that was the most ridiculous idea I have ever had. hahahaha. He grabs a flashlight, goes outside and a few minutes later he comes back in...turns on the faucet...and it works!!!!!!


Now...let's hope we don't get arrested. With my luck, we probably will.

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Krista said...

I ended up laughing at the end of this story, only because I think it's wonderful that you got Dennis to turn it on! I would just turn it off Monday morning...just in case?? I'm sorry that happened. I have had things get shut off before too. I feel helpless and broke when that happens, which is funny that I just read this because I noticed our cell phone bill AGAIN is almost 500 dollars (cell phone, home phone & internet) even though we got rid of the internet and I don't know how it's so much..and I have NO idea how we are going to pay it! I know it's not as important as water.. but its just the feeling of wondering how to get by another month. I hate it. I want to win the lotto. I'll help you out if I do!