Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A day in the life of the 2 year old birthday girl...

Olivia turned 2 yesterday! I took the day off of work so I could spend a rare Monday with her and Dennis. Let's just say she started off the morning right with some homemade blueberry coffee cake and ice cream (my fault for mentioning that we'd go get ice cream later.)

I don't think she really knows what a birthday is yet. We kept singing happy birthday to her. I think she just thought we were singing a cool song. She literally sang "Happy Dirtday" all day to anyone that would listen.

We gave her a couple of presents, a Tinkerbell doll and some Gabba books. She STILL likes opening the presents more than the actual presents. She thought it was Christmas again I think. Except now she says, "Another one?" the second after she is done ripping the paper off.

She loved her Gabba coloring book! But I think Dennis liked it more...

Dennis is really into coloring right now. He will start coloring with Olivia and will continue to color an entire page even after Olivia is completely over coloring. He completely zones us out and has the most serious face on while he's doing this.

We took her to Doc Burnstein's for MORE ice cream. She ate every last bit and even shared some with me! mmmmm, Birthday Cake flavor. Our favorite.

Ice cream for lunch! Amazing!

Ama, Papa, Aunt Wee and Uncle Matt came over for cake...funfetti cake with rainbow chip frosting of course! She blew out the candle herself!

Thank you for all of the presents Ama & Papa!!!

The finale: ice cream for dinner!

Happy 2nd birthday my little Livi.


Krista said...

dang, i missed out on some good cake it looks like. but im excited for that dj lance cake!!!!!!!!!

Krista said...

oh and i love the picture of dennis coloring. we need to get one of him and matt coloring...they are crazy!

wiss said...

I want some more of that cake now. Is there any left????