Sunday, November 16, 2008

Oh do I love thee?

Oh me...oh my! Only 5 days left until we get to see our beloved. I am so excited! Twilight has done an amazing job of making me feel young again. I mean I might compare how I feel about Edward to how I used to feel about Jonathan Brandis...hahahaha. This is WILD!


Vanessa said...

Oh wow bringing it way back with Jonathan he was a regular center fold in Bop magazine along with the other Jonathan.... aka JTT!!! That guy Edward was in SF last week and there was a line of like 5,000 people to meet him!

wiss said...

I love how when I was telling you what I'd say to Erik if anyone from Twilight came into his work YOU READ MY MIND!!!!! Both of our first thoughts was to lock Edward in the closet until I could make it down there to kidnap him and bring him home!!!!! What a couple of psychos! It's almost as if you've got a little Alice in you. I'd say I'm more of a Bella....haahahah