Thursday, June 9, 2011

wednesday dinner: asian chicken

A couple of Wednesdays ago I made Kelly's Asian Chicken for dinner.  My mom has been making this recipe for years.  We've shortened it to just "asian chicken" now and whenever she makes it the whole family is thrilled.  We even ask for it on special occasions still to this day.  Growing up, the house always smelled so good when my mom would make would make our mouth water.  I would describe the smell as both sweet and pungent.  And until recently I thought my mom was some sort of magician...that is until she got me my very own The Garlic Lover's Cookbook (the really old book this recipe is from.)  This cookbook is really just a collaboration of recipes from garlic loving home cooks...some of them won contests and whatnot.  Turns out Kelly's Asian Chicken won first place!  It's silly how easy it is.  It doesn't take very many ingredients at all.  And if you love garlic, you will love it! 

 loads of garlic!

 roasted some broccoli

 veggie version for myself (trader joe's chickenless strips)
 dennis squeezing out the roasted garlic for the broccoli.  yum!!!

 finished product.

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