Sunday, April 3, 2011

grass, art and rolling over!

I haven't been on here for a while.  But I figured since I have Penelope taking a nap and Olivia watching a movie on the iPad I have a few moments to write down what's been going on lately in the McDonald household (mostly for my own benefit because I am truly so so forgetful!)

This weekend has been a bummer because both girls are sick with cold/coughs and yesterday Olivia had a fever for most of the day.  Sad.  We've been lounging around the house spying on our landlords who installed grass in our backyard yesterday!  We've lived here for a few months with just dirt for a backyard so this is so exciting for us!  Our landlords live on the same property but in a completely separate area in the back.  They are awesome people and the best landlords we've ever had.  They've also given us some places to plant flowers, herbs and vegetables.  My mom bought me some herbs to plant.  Let's see if I can manage to keep them alive!  Liv is starting some flowers from seed (see picture below.)  :)

While our landlords are weekend warriors outside, we've been pretty unproductive although I've managed to keep the house semi-clean while Dennis finally agreed to hang up a wire art gallery so we can hang the trillions of art projects Olivia brings home from school.  I bought the Dignitet wire system from Ikea on eBay.  It's meant to hang curtains but it will hang paper art projects just fine.

Even though our little Penelope (4 1/2 months old) is a little sick, she's still as active and feisty as ever!  She rolled over for the first time yesterday.  From back to front and then from front to back.  She's a rolling machine now!  She's rolled over a few times last night in her crib and couldn't get back over because of her sleepsack.  Poor thing.  I know if they can roll over it decreases the risk of SIDS significantly but I still worry.

Today we're off to buy another humidifier...stupid coughs!  Happy Sunday everybody!

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